Woolgathering in the Sunlight

Watercolor on paper.

Is the grass greener on the other side? My inspiration comes from this aerial view of a flock of sheep meandering through greener pastures in Rio Vista, CA near the Sacramento Delta. One ewe looks back at the viewer as though in curiosity, thought or contemplation. Could the grass be greener where the viewer stands? What is the viewer doing that interests the ewe? Is the viewer woolgathering or is it the ewe doing so... perhaps both.

Woolgathering is an early 16th century reference to those who collected tufts of wool from bushes and fences. The woolgatherers would wander aimlessly collecting the bits of wool. The term ‘woolgather’ came to mean aimless thought or daydreaming. The title reflects this double meaning. The artist allows the viewer to decide who is woolgathering, the ewe or the viewer.

Giclee prints are available, please inquire by email.